Historical Interviews with Vascular Surgery Leaders


The vascular surgery specialty has been blessed with outstanding innovators who are responsible for the advancements the field has experienced throughout the years. Several of those who led the way are featured on video-taped interviews on VascularWeb.org. Their stories detail how the specialty grew during their practices. Some of the historical interviews have been donated to the library by SVS members.

This series of interviews may be viewed on VascularWeb.org in the About Us / History section or downloaded to your computer. DVDs are available upon request. (See Instructions that are available on VascularWeb.org.)

Interviews currently available include the following, and additional interviews will be posted in the future:

? Ronald Baird, MD: Our Northern Cardiovascular Partner

? Wiley Barker, MD: A True Leader in Vascular Surgery

? William Blaisdell, MD: A True Pioneer in Vascular Surgery

? John Connolly, MD: American Ambassador in Vascular Surgery

? Denton Cooley, MD: Pioneer Cardiac and Vascular Surgeon

? Richard Dean, MD: Young Vascular Surgery Advocate

? Michael E. DeBakey, MD: Rudolph Matas, MD: How I Remember Him

? James DeWeese, MD

? Anthony Imparato MD: Insight into the Carotid Plaque Morphology

? Julius Jacobson, MD: Renaissance Man

? John L . Ochsner, MD: Giants in Vascular Surgery – Childhood Memories

? Norman Rich, MD: Military Surgeon at War and Peace

? Charles Rob, MD: Reflections Military Surgical Heritage Uniformed Services University

? Harris B. Shumacker, Jr., MD: Reflection, Military Surgical Heritage Uniformed Services Univer-sity

? Harry B. Schumacker, Jr., MD and Michael DeBakey, MD: SVS 50th Anniversary

? Frank Spencer, MD: Vascular Surgeon, the Voice of Reason

? Emerick Szilagyi, MD: Remembrance and Reflections

? Frank Veith, MD: The Origin of a Species and Future of a Specialty

? Leonel J. Villavicencio, MD: The Mexican Maestro

? James S.T. Yao, MD: International Star of Vascular Surgery

The History Workgroup on this project includes: James S.T. Yao, MD, Chair; William Baker, MD; Calvin Ernst, MD, Consultant; Mark Eskandari, MD; Roger Gregory, MD; Melina Kibbe, MD; Peter Lawrence, MD; Walter McCarthy, MD; and Norman Rich, MD.


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