Help tell the SVS story through images

The SVS is staging a nine-week photo contest through May 25

Thanks to smartphones, almost everyone usually has a good camera at hand and thousands of digital photos in storage. 

So get that phone charged and be ready to click the button and capture your lives and specialty, from photos of your practice and your travels, to vascular training and vascular surgery’s history. You could win recognition along the way. 

In celebration of its 75th anniversary, the SVS is hosting a photo contest highlighting the past, present and future of vascular surgery. By sharing photos of life as a vascular surgeon, trainee, student, nurse or other vascular professional, members will help tell the Society’s collective story. 

The nine-week contest began in March and will end on May 25, with a new photo category—and honorees—each week. One winner and three runners-up will be selected in each category. All 36 winners will be recognized on the SVS website and during VAM.

For information on consent forms and to submit photos, visit 


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