Fund hope with the SVS Foundation


A gift to the SVS Foundation funds not just things—patient education fliers, research awards and community awareness projects—but also hope for a better future.

Hope that screenings identify people at risk for a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. That research uncovers the mechanisms in diabetes progression, leading to better treatments. And, that amputations will be prevented.

It is hope, in part, that motivates surgeon-scientists and their research.

“The results are not necessarily immediate,” said vascular surgeon Katherine Gallagher, MD, mentor to several young surgeon-scientists. These emerging professionals have received SVS Foundation research grants, as she herself has done.

But by starting students down the research path, SVS Foundation grants, importantly, spur students’ “interest and desire, and give them an opportunity and forum to get involved in research.”

And that research, she said, can advance treatments for vascular disease and impact patient care.

Some of her past mentees are now independent surgeon-scientists working in translational research, and others are headed that way. “They’ve touched vascular surgery, certainly, in different ways. I think all of them will have an impact on our specialty, on our patients, our research and in different arenas.”

She is proud of each and every one. “They’re going to change the world.”

Please help them keep change going. Please invest in hope. Please give to the SVS Foundation at


The holidays and end-of-year festivities are upon us. The pandemic has made many people leery of their favorite brick-and-mortar stores, turning to the online world in search of that perfect gift for everyone, from the newspaper delivery person to Tess, the family dog.

For those of you who shop online on Amazon, please remember to smile first. Shopping that starts at turns that gift for Aunt Mary into a donation for the SVS Foundation. For those who have designated the SVS Foundation as its “smile” organization, the retail giant donates 0.5% of every eligible purchase to it.

For example, an SVS member purchases toys, games, electronics and a dog chew for a total of $551.71, resulting in $2.76 in donations. Multiply that $2.76 by 500 similar shopping trips and, suddenly, the SVS Foundation will receive nearly $1,380. Multiply that $2.76 by comparable shopping of just 2,500 members and nearly $7,000 flows into the SVS Foundation’s coffers. It pays to smile! Please do so at Future vascular patients will thank you.


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