Exam time? Prep with VESAP3 online self-assessment program


There’s excellent news for Vascular Specialist readers with certification, re-certification, or residency or fellowship exams on the horizon. The latest triennial update of the Vascular Education and Self-Assessment Program is complete and offers new options.

NEW by-module completion and purchase options

For the first time, VESAP3 accommodates completion for credit—as well as purchase—on a by-module basis. To satisfy ABS MOC requirements for vascular surgery, a practitioner need successfully complete only 8 of the 10 modules to earn the requisite 60 CME credits. Participants who complete the entire self-exam and achieve a passing score of 75% or more will earn 75 self-assessment credits toward MOC Part 2 as well as traditional continuing education credits.

Co-Editors John F. Eidt, MD, and Kim J. Hodgson, MD, emphasized the contributions of the 70+-person editorial team: 10 associate editors, one for each of the 10 topic modules, plus dozens of question writers. The team planned, researched, wrote, and edited all content, including 550 multiple-choice questions, answers, and discussions, and compiled detailed references based on current, published medical literature.

“In an era of rapidly changing treatment paradigms, VESAP3 attempts to provide an evidence-based presentation of the proper diagnosis and management of patients with vascular disease,” Dr. Hodgson said. “When evidence is lacking or evolving, as is often the case for new therapies, the VESAP3 editors have attempted to remain true to what is known while acknowledging evolving practice.”

Designed to engage colleagues

“Above all, VESAP3 is designed to stimulate thinking and discussion about both traditional and evolving approaches to the management of vascular disease,” Dr. Eidt said. “This resource really comes alive when users engage colleagues in discussing the merits of the possible choices.”

Comprehensive Package and individual module options

The VESAP3 Comprehensive Package is a complete self-study resource comprising all 10 topic modules, each with learning and exam modes. In learning mode, you can view the correct answer to each of the 550 questions and corresponding rationales and references. Both modes let you save your answers and continue at a later time. The Member price is $499 ($399 for Candidate Members; $599 for Nonmembers).

VESAP3 is also available as individual modules, each with 50 or 60 questions. Module structure and features are the same as for the Comprehensive Package. The Member price is $65 per module ($55 for Candidate Members; $75 for Nonmembers).

For more information and to purchase 
VESAP3, visit www.vsweb.org/vesap3


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