Everyone Can Participate in Gala Silent Auction


After months of planning, the day is finally here! Friday evening, 500 people will be living the high life at the “Vascular Spectacular” gala, celebrating the specialty and each other.

RUSSELLTATEdotCOM/DigitalVision Vectors

But everyone, no matter where they are in the world, may participate in the gala’s Silent Auction, right until it closes this evening.

In fact, bidding on nearly 70 items began in late May. Here’s how to join in the fun:

• Sign up on vam19gala.givesmart.com and peruse the selections.

• Place a bid. All bidders will be identified by name.

• If desired, monitor the bidding, by setting up notifications to learn when someone else ups the ante.

• Continue to bid until the auction closes during the gala itself.

• Wait for your prizes to be mailed to you — and know you have contributed to continuing the important work of the SVS Foundation.

The live auction takes place at the gala in its entirety and only those present can bid.

The Gala Committee is comprised of Drs. Cynthia Shortell and Benjamin Starnes, cochairs; and Enrico Ascher, William Jordan Jr., Melina Kibbe, Richard Lynn, Matthew Mell, Ben Pearce, Amy Reed, Russell Samson, William Shutze, Mal Sheahan, Maureen Sheehan and Anton Sidawy.

What’s available? Dr. Clem Darling’s “Darling Magical Whiskery Tour” to sample top-tier whiskey in the mutually agreed-upon city; a stay in Lake Tahoe, a beach-front condo in Florida and a spacious townhome at the entrance to Rehoboth Beach, Del.; wildlife photos; fine art; jewelry; fine wine; portraits for people and pets; sports-related items; Maui Jim sunglasses; free admission to attractions from coast to coast and more. There are even one-on-one sessions with a number of vascular surgeons.

In addition, Cydar Medical is offering a one-year subscription to Cydar EV Fusion Imaging, the world’s first AI-powered image fusion platform, valued at $50,000.

All proceeds benefit the SVS Foundation.


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