Educational opportunities abound at VAM 2023

Christopher Audu

Ok, so day one has lived up to the hype. From hearing about amazing research endeavors to listening to lively discussions on the latest treatment options for vascular patients, it has been very invigorating.

Day two is equally packed. One of the advantages of an internationally recognized meeting, such as VAM, is the opportunity to interact with, and learn from, international colleagues on the advances in and challenges to vascular surgery in their respective environments. These can range from coffee break conversations to the formal sessions organized by the society. Check out the International Educational Forum today, where there’ll be opportunities to learn about vascular surgery in various geographical contexts.

One of the reasons the vascular field is so fascinating is that we can treat even young patients who need vascular care. Look for the Pediatric Vascular Surgery development group session in the afternoon. I anticipate there’ll be presentations on the surgical treatment of renovascular hypertension in the pediatric population, in addition to novel approaches and considerations for mid-aortic syndrome.

Another vascular surgical area that is exciting to see develop is vascular oncology. Tomorrow afternoon there’ll be an exciting session on the onco-vascular surgeon. What does this mean? How do we aid our surgical oncology colleagues when malignancies need to be removed? How should we think about vascular reconstruction in the setting of tumor burden? These are questions on my mind, and as a trainee, this, and the pediatrics sessions, present a valuable opportunity to learn about conditions whose treatment may not be available at every training institution.

I hope you are able to take full advantage of the chances to fill knowledge gaps, meet new friends and see old ones at SVS VAM 2023. Thanks to the organizers for putting together a stellar program.

Christopher Audu is the Vascular Specialist resident/fellow editor


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