Education: Software, coding guide improve bottom line


Frustrated by reimbursement denials because of a simple error in code order? Coding software can help – and make a difference to your bottom line.

The Society for Vascular Ultrasound-Society for Vascular Surgery Coding Advisor Software is bundled with the SVS Coding Guide for a complete package of expert coding guidance for all peripheral vascular surgery and interventional codes. The software also includes explanations and notes on component and bundled coding.

Users find the scrubber a particularly valuable feature; doctors or office staff can run a claim through the scrubber to see what will be denied before submitting the claim. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of rearranging the code order. Sometimes a code is missing. The scrubber identifies these issues so they can be fixed prior to submission.

The result of using the guide and software? The reimbursement to which a surgeon is entitled, multiplied hundreds of times. One example: A $3 mistake in ultrasound reimbursements. If the office typically performs eight to 10 ultrasounds a day, missing out on $3 in reimbursement each time, that office could be losing up to $600 a month (20 works days). And that’s just one missing code for one procedure.

Purchase the software and guide and learn more at Be sure to enter the code SVCSA to receive the special SVS member price.

How coding mistakes cost money

Situation: A $3 mistake in ultrasound reimbursements.

Office performs 8 to 10 ultrasounds a day

10 procedures X $3 = $30

$30 X 20 work days = $600 a month


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