Dr. John Blebea Gives Back to SVS Foundation


“I was fortunate to have received a clinical research award from the Lifeline Foundation in 2001,” said John Blebea, MD, of Cleveland, OH. “The award provided funds to continue research on ultrasound diagnosis and development of an implantable flow sensor. This interest continues with the hope for human trials in the near future.”

To “give back” to the Foundation, Dr. Blebea became a financial donor.

“Although we are asked to donate to many worthwhile causes, we should also allocate a portion of our charitable giving to our specialty because it has provided us with both our economic sustenance as well as personal and professional fulfillment,” said Dr. Blebea. “Giving to the SVS Foundation is a form of thanksgiving and a contribution for the future and those who follow in our footsteps.”

Dr. Blebea has donated to SVS Foundation for the past six years. “It is critical for our success as a specialty and for the care of our patients, that we support research at both the clinical and basic research levels,” he said.

“The most effective way of doing this on the national level is through a donation to the SVS Foundation.”


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