Dr. Andros: An Ardent Supporter of SVS Foundation


“Charity begins at home,” said SVS Member George Andros, MD, of Los Angeles, CA. “Since SVS is my professional home, I support the future of my profession by donating to the SVS Foundation.”

For years, Dr. Andros has generously supported SVS Foundation research efforts. He has donated his time, talents, and treasure to the Foundation since the days in which it was known as the American Vascular Foundation / Lifeline Foundation. That name began in 1989.

In 2004, the foundation became known as the AVA Foundation. Today, it’s the SVS Foundation. To Dr. Andros, the name of the Foundation is irrelevant. He remains an ardent supporter.

“I served on the AVA Foundation’s Executive Committee from 2007 to 2009,” said Dr. Andros. “Many of my colleagues have been Foundation award recipients and have benefitted from the assistance provided.”

As the focal point for advancing the role of vascular surgeons in clinical and translational research, the SVS Foundation provides the following clinical and translational research grants:

PIClinical research seed grants

PIClinical study planning grant

PIMedical student and resident awards

PIPartner grants.

“In order to continue to advance the science of vascular research, I encourage all SVS members to donate to the SVS Foundation,” said Dr. Andros. “It is through support for our Foundation that SVS will remain at the forefront of vascular research.”


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