Curated Sessions: Look for the Labels


Something new has been added to this year’s Vascular Annual Meeting: icons identifying sessions of interest to two specific audiences: young surgeon attendees and community practice surgeons.

These curated sessions – identified by the Young Surgeons Committee and the Community Practice Committee – cover everything from abstracts to workshops, with breakfast and concurrent sessions and postgraduate courses in between.

These icons denote sessions of particular interest to (from left) young surgeons, community practitioners, or both groups.

The “young surgeon” sessions are generally aimed at young vascular surgeons – those still in training and those who have entered practice in the last few years, said YSC Chair Dr. Natalia Globova.

“Due to the many high-quality presentations and abstracts at the VAM, it can be challenging to select the sessions to attend to take full advantage of the programming, especially for those attendees who have only recently started coming to the meeting,” she said. The committee, she said, “hopes that this special ‘Young Surgeon’ designation will make the VAM easier to navigate.”

The Community Practice Committee similarly worked to identify sessions of particular interest to community-practice members.

“More than half of our membership is in private practice,” noted Committee Chair Dr. Richard Lynn, himself a community practitioner. “Topics such as wound care and limb management – the focus of the joint postgraduate course with the American Podiatric Medical Association – not to mention pedal/alternative access and billing and coding issues definitely impact us and our practices. Special designations in the program book lets our members maximize their time at VAM.”


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