Competitive Vascular Surgery Residency Match


The SVS scholarship program has sparked an increase in the number of medical student residency matches for the integrated vascular training programs (0+5). In 2011, the integrated vascular surgery training program was one of the most competitive medical student residency matches. The National Resident Matching Program reported that of the 30 integrated vascular programs offered in 2011, 29 were filled with U.S. seniors. Several 0+5 program directors said the majority of their applicants attended the Vascular Annual Meeting Medical Student and General Surgery Travel Scholarship Program, and that the program has positively influenced applicants’ decisions to pursue the specialty.

More women are entering the field of vascular surgery. In the 2011 National Resident Matching Program’s vascular surgery integrated match, 59 percent of the positions were offered to female medical students. Women now account for 40 percent of all vascular surgery integrated residents.

Eva Rzucidlo, MD, chair, SVS Women’s Leadership Committee explains, “The vascular surgery specialty is very attractive to female students. We saw this first-hand with the results of the 2011 residency match with the majority of vascular surgery integrated positions offered to female students. The specialty truly reflects the current trends of medical schools, with greater than 50 percent of graduating medical students are women.”

The 2012 National Residency Match for 0+5 programs will occur on March 16.

Specialties with at least 10 positions in the March 2011 Match and filled more than 90 percent by U.S. seniors:

  • Vascular Surgery (PGY-1): 96.7 percent
  • Otolaryngology (PGY-1): 95.1 percent
  • Radiation Oncology (PGY-1): 93.8 percent
  • Dermatology (PGY-1): 92.9 percent
  • Plastic Surgery (Integrated) (PGY-1): 92.9 percent
  • Orthopedic Surgery (PGY-1): 92.7 percent
  • Thoracic Surgery (PGY-1): 92.3 percent
  • Radiation Oncology (PGY-2): 90.3 percent

Source: National Resident Matching Program 2011 Main Residency Match.


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