Clinical Practice Council Establishes 2012 Goals


The SVS Clinical Practice Council (CPC) held its annual strategic meeting December 2011 to discuss how to better align the goals of its reporting committees with those of the SVS. “In addition to our regular conference calls, the council, including its reporting committee chairs, meet annually to focus on priorities,” said Ruth Bush, MD, CPC chair. “These are very productive meetings where we brainstorm ideas, compare where there are overlapping agendas, and prioritize where our energy and resources should be focused. This year we found that the committees are right on target and most of their projects are already underway.”

Ruth Bush, M.D., CPC Chair

The CPC has five members: Thomas Forbes, MD; Vivian Gahtan, MD; Ash Mansour, MD; Russell Samson, MD; Bhagwan Satiani, MD. It oversees activities related to clinical practice and professionalism. The committees reporting to the CPC include a good representation of the SVS membership to ensure SVS activities are representative of the interests of all its membership. The following committees report to the CPC and each committee’s primary goals for 2012 include:

Community Practice Advisory Committee – Dennis Gable, MD, Chair

• Develop ways to help members reduce practice expenses

• Recruit more community practice members to SVS

• Increase number of community practice members in SVS leadership positions

Public and Professional Outreach Committee – Steve Leers, MD, Chair

• Promote vascular surgeons to referring physicians

• Publish articles about vascular surgery in mass media

Resident and Student Outreach Committee – Erica Mitchell, MD, Chair

• Increase awareness of vascular surgery with first and second year medical students

• Attract more general surgery residents into vascular training

Women’s Leadership Committee – Eva Rzucidlo, MD, Chair

Diversity Committee and Inclusion Committee – Anil Hingorani, MD, Chair

• Increase public awareness of vascular disease, especially among women as health decision-makers

• Recruit more diverse and women medical students

• Increase leadership of women and diversity in SVS leadership

Young Surgeon Committee – Christopher Scibelli, Chair

• Develop more practice management tools

• Make sure candidate members become active members

•Establish a mentor program in vascular surgery


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