Annual Review of SVS Relationships with Industry


The relationship between professional medical societies and industry, specifically the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, has come under increasing scrutiny. The chief concern is that industry may influence medical society activities in ways that could compromise optimal patient care or undermine the reputation of the profession.

The Guidelines for SVS Management of Relationships with Industry and Conflict of Interest were adopted by the SVS Board of Directors in 2010 to assure that the Society follows principles of transparency, full disclosure and maintenance of appropriate barriers between industry transactions and programmatic decisions. Each year, the Society’s Conflict of Interest Committee* conducts a review of all SVS activities to assure that the Society’s programs and operations comply with the Guidelines. The 2011 review, which found SVS in full compliance, and the SVS guidelines are found online.

In 2011 SVS received 22 percent of its annual revenue from industry support. Of this revenue, 10 percent came from unrestricted grants to support the Vascular Annual Meeting®, SVS research projects and public outreach projects. Income derived from the exhibits and advertising at the Vascular Annual Meeting comprised the remaining 12 percent. At 22 percent, operating revenue from industry support to SVS is below the 30% – 50% estimated for many professional medical associations.

*COI Committee Members

Bruce Elliott, MD, chair

Patrick Clagett, MD

Wayne Johnston, MD

Frank LoGerfo, MD

Richard Neville, MD

Linda Reilly, MD


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