Amplifying advocacy: SVS tool for vascular influence on the federal stage

Sean Lyden

In the dynamic arena of healthcare advocacy, the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) stands as a champion, harnessing the power of amplification to thrust the voices of vascular surgeons into the forefront of federal decision-making. Over the past year, the SVS has orchestrated three compelling “Week of Action” campaigns, underscoring the Society’s commitment to advancing legislative priorities on Capitol Hill and invigorating advocacy participation within its membership. 

Recognizing the evolving landscape of advocacy, the SVS has embraced a multi-pronged approach to the “Week of Action,” aimed at advancing the interests of vascular surgery. 

Grassroots campaigns: Embracing the strength of collective voices, SVS empowers its members to actively participate in grassroots campaigns via the “Voter Voice” platform. This digital rallying cry amplifies the concerns of vascular surgeons, magnifying their impact on pivotal issues. By channeling the diversity and energy of its membership, the SVS cements its position as an influential force. 

Supporting candidate and incumbent lawmakers through the SVS Political Action Committee (PAC): the SVS not only raises its voice, but also invests in the future of advocacy for vascular surgery. The SVS PAC serves as a pivotal tool, bolstering the campaigns of lawmakers who champion healthcare policies aligned with the SVS’ overarching mission. Through backing candidates who resonate with the principles of vascular surgery, the SVS proactively shapes a legislative landscape conducive to the field’s growth. 

Traditional legislative advocacy and lobbying: Capitol Hill has borne witness to the presence of SVS representatives as they advocate for policies that resonate with the core of vascular surgery. Through deliberate engagements with federal lawmakers, the SVS ensures that the intricacies and concerns of vascular surgeons are not only acknowledged but also deeply understood. This timeless approach remains a cornerstone of the SVS’ advocacy efforts, forging relationships that pave the way for well-informed decision-making. 

Amplification transcends mere volume: The SVS has wielded this principle to increase our level of influence, ensuring that the aspirations and concerns of vascular surgeons are heard at the federal level. The “Week of Action” campaigns further underscore the SVS’ dedication, showing how a collective voice can serve as an agent of transformation. 

As the SVS charges ahead, the tool of amplification remains a central pillar of its advocacy strategy. With every campaign, each engagement, and participation of its members, the SVS fortifies its position as a resounding voice, propelling change in the healthcare landscape and securing a positive future for vascular surgery. 

To learn more about SVS advocacy efforts, or catch up on previous “Week of Action” campaigns, visit 

Sean Lyden, MD, is a member of the SVS Advocacy Council. 


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