A Message from the SVS Foundation Chair


Dear Colleagues:

Our specialty enjoys the prestige of being known for quality care. One of the reasons is the excellent research we’ve conducted. We must continue this good work both for our specialty and our patients.

Dr. Peter Gloviczki

I am pleased to serve as the 2013 – 2014 Chair of the SVS® Foundation. The Foundation is the Society for Vascular Surgery’s® (SVS) philanthropic arm that funds our mission to advance vascular research. The Foundation’s funds are dedicated specifically for vascular surgery basic and clinical research, and are awarded to many younger surgeons to encourage their research careers. During last fiscal year SVS awarded $314,500.

Grants presented by SVS Foundation include:

1. E. J. Wylie Traveling Fellowship

2. SVS Foundation Resident Research Prize

3. SVS Foundation Clinical Research Seed Grants

4. Multicenter Clinical Studies Planning Grant

5. Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (K08)

6. Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award (K23)

7. Vascular Research Initiatives Conference Travel Resident Scholarships

8. SVSFoundation Student Research Fellowships

9. Partnership Grant awarded jointly with the American Geriatrics Society: The Jahnigen Scholars Program: A model for Faculty Career Development

This is an ambitious undertaking that is worth supporting. Being the first E. J. Wiley Traveling Fellow in 1987, I know how important this prestigious award was to my professional career. I visited leading centers in vascular surgery all around the world with the SVS brand on my passport and a fellowship named after one of the greatest vascular surgeons ever, Dr. E. J. Wiley. I was traveling on the shoulder of a giant: no doors remained closed.

My case was not an exception. Read the compelling stories on how SVSFoundation awards transformed the career of Luke Brewster from Emory, Michael Conte from UCSF, Peter Henke from the University of Michigan, Melina Kibbe from Northwestern University and Keith Ozaki at the University of Florida. Simply click on the SVS Foundation logo on the upper left-hand corner of the VascularWeb.org home page.

Throughout the years there have been several very large contributions that served as the primary support for these awards. While some of our affiliated societies and industry generously assist in support, the Foundation needs individual SVS members to donate and take responsibility. This 2013 SVS Foundation Annual Report highlights a few of the Foundation’s recent successes and awardees, and the financial report. You will see how your funds are being spent and the care taken in choosing quality award winners.

Our Annual Appeal Campaign, conducted October through January, is our primary fundraising program. Your donation to each year’s Annual Appeal accumulates toward the SVS Foundation’s Legacy Program. New this year, the Legacy Program tracks your lifelong Foundation contributions with the total recognized and published annually in SVS Foundation materials. The Legacy Program levels begin at $10,000 and top at $500,000. You will be honored in perpetuity for your personal commitment to your specialty.

I encourage you to make a donation to this year’s Annual Appeal to keep feeding the pipeline of qualified researchers. Join me in making your SVS Foundation Annual Appeal donation at svsfoundationsite.org or using the donation form included in this Annual Report. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Thank you for your generosity. Your contribution demonstrates your personal and professional commitment to quality vascular care to your patients, the public, and decision-makers.


Peter Gloviczki, MD

Chair, SVS Foundation


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