Ushering in the next generation of vascular surgeons can be rewarding


Most of us like to start off a new year with good intentions. If you have been wondering how you can contribute to your profession, here is a suggestion:

Become a faculty advisor to a student interest group.

Around the U.S. and Canada, only 19 universities have faculty-supported Vascular Student Interest Groups, and yet this is one of the best ways to help usher in the next generation of vascular surgeons. In some cases, there may be students who want to start a chapter, but they cannot find a faculty member to be their advisor.

Such dedicated interest groups, as well as a dedicated liaison or forum, can provide students with early exposure to surgery, help students get involved in vascular-related research and service activities earlier in their medical career and obtain valuable career mentorship.

Student groups like to invite speakers to discuss the field, join faculty and physicians on rounds, have mixers and mentorship events, and set up simulation labs and skills workshops.

“With an aging population at risk for vascular diseases, we’re facing a significant shortage of vascular surgeons in the future. This program represents a real opportunity to stimulate interest in our specialty among dedicated and enthusiastic medical students,” said SVS President Dr. Bruce A. Perler. “Medical students in V-SIG organizations are getting valuable learning experience and exposure to the specialty.”

To volunteer or for more information, email: [email protected]

You can see who has already volunteered and learn more about the program here.

This toolkit for students has information on what groups do.


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