Lifetime Achievement Award Presented


The Society for Vascular Surgery’s highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award, was presented during the Vascular Annual Meeting to Dr. Jack Cronenwett.

This honor recognizes an individual’s outstanding and sustained contributions to the profession and SVS, as well as his or her exemplary professional practice and leadership.

Dr. Cronenwett’s achievements include building the vascular surgery division at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center into a “powerhouse, a division of vascular surgery that has national and international recognition,” as one fellow SVS member wrote in his nomination. In addition, he was largely responsible for the development at Dartmouth of a new vascular surgery training paradigm – the 0 + 5 residency. He spearheaded the Vascular Study Group of New England, which became the model for the future Vascular Quality Initiative; with Dr. Tom Riles, then president of the American Association for Vascular Surgery, led the merger of AAVS with SVS, creating today’s more inclusive SVS; was senior co-editor of the Journal of Vascular Surgery, was co-editor of the 7th and 8th editions of Rutherford’s Vascular Surgery textbook and helped launch the SVS-PSO as an official new entity and served as its medical director.

View the video of him receiving this award and a story of Dr. Cronenwett’s accomplishments.


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