Intraoperative Positioning System (IOPS): Navigation technology to reduce radiation exposure and improve accuracy during complex aortic procedures


This video is sponsored by Centerline Biomedical.

Matthew Eagleton, MD, chief in the division of vascular and endovascular surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, is joined by fellow vascular surgeons Francis Caputo, MD, vascular surgery director of the Cleveland Clinic Aortic Center in Cleveland, and Satish Muluk, MD, assistant director for vascular surgery at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, to discuss the FDA-cleared, Intraoperative Positioning System (IOPS) from Centerline Biomedical.

Caputo and Muluk describe their experience with IOPS’s 3D, non-radiation-based navigation in a range of complex procedures. “By using IOPS, you have the virtual gantry that allows you to really navigate—it’s actually very intuitive,” remarks Caputo.


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